Fixtures & results

Lodt6 – 0F = Friendly     CD = Cambs & District League

ML = Meldreth & District League    BH = Business House League

Date Opponents Venue Comp Result
Sun April 26 Open Day H All 2.30pm
Tues 28 Great Shelford A F
Thurs 30 Foxton A F
Fri May   1 Melbourn H ML
Mon   4 TWI H ML
Tues   5 Melbourn H BH Mixed
Weds  “   6 Trumpington H CD
Thurs   7 Post Office B H BH Men
Mon 11 Comberton A ML
Tues 12 Mitchell Lodge H CD
Weds 13 Beach B H BH Men
Thurs 14 Mitchell Lodge H BH Men
Fri 15 Cambs & County H BH Mixed
Sun 17 Round Robin H Comp
Mon 18 Duxford A ML
Tues 19 Gamlingay A CD
Fri 22 Alex Beehive H BH Men
Fri 22 Longstanton A BH Mixed
Tues 26 Coleridge H CD
Thurs 28 Milton H BH Mixed
Thurs  “ 28 Abington A BH Men

Fri 29 Royston H ML
Mon June   1 Meldreth H ML
Tues   2 Beach A A BH Men
Weds   3 Gilbert Cup H/A CD
Thurs   4 Beach A CD
Sun   7 House Pairs H Comp
Mon   8 Cambourne A BH Men
Mon   8 Eternit H BH Men
Tues   9 Steeple Morden H CD
Thurs 11 Bassingbourn H BH Mixed
Fri 12 Girton A ML
Sun 14 Gala Day H Fundraising
Mon 15 Alex Beehive A BH Mixed
Tues 16 Alex Beehive A CD
Weds 17 C.U.P H BH Men
Fri 19 Melbourn A BH Mixed
Tues 23 BT A BH Men
Weds 24 Barton H CD
Thurs 25 Foxton A ML
Fri  “ 26 Trumpington A BH Mixed
Sun  “ 28 Presidents Match H All 2.30pm
Mon  “ 29 Milton A A BH Men
Tues 30 Gamlingay H ML
Weds July   1 Gilbert Cup? H/A CD
Thurs   2 Great Shelford A BH Mixed
Fri   3 Longstanton B H BH Men
Mon   6 Fulbourn A BH Men
Weds   8 Trumpington H CD
Thurs   9 Girton A BH Mixed
Fri 10 Foxton H ML
Sun 12 House 242 H Comp
Mon 13 Comberton H ML
Tues 14 Mitchell Lodge A CD
Weds 15 Cambs & County H BH Men
Thurs 16 Willingham A BH Men
Mon 20 Melbourn A ML
Tues 21 Gamlingay H CD
Weds 22 Gilbert Cup? H/A CD
Fri 24 TWI H BH Mixed
Mon 27 Milton B A BH Men
Tues  “ 28 Longstanton H CD
Weds  29 Girton H ML
Fri  31 Barton A CD
Mon Aug   3 Duxford H ML
Weds   5 Post Office A A BH Men
Thurs  “   6 Gamlingay A ML
Fri   7 Beach H CD
Tues  11 Coleridge A CD
Weds  12 Gilbert Cup? H/A CD
Fri  14 Meldreth A ML
Sun  16 House Triples H All
Mon  17 Royston A ML
Tues  18 Steeple Morden A CD
Weds  19 Longstanton A A BH Men
Fri  21 Alex Beehive H CD
Mon  24 TWI A ML
Thurs  27 Longstanton A CD
Weds Sept   2 Fish & chips & bowls 6pm H All






Finals, presentations & buffet 2pm



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